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New Trend: Out with the “In”, In with the “Out”

There’s a new trend in the furniture industry that we’ll refer to as “Out with the in, in with the out.” Over the past several months, you may have witnessed how effortlessly furniture pieces you’d normally see on a terrace are accentuating elements of a living room. We’ve also seen the trend emerging the other way around, with pieces you’d imagine only belong indoors, adding a homey touch to an outdoor seating area.

The New Outdoor Furniture Trend

The difference between outdoor and indoor furniture is slowly starting to lose its meaning. We’re seeing outdoor areas becoming an extension of interiors, and an additional place for homeowners and interior designers to express their personal style.  Likewise, people are starting to decorate their homes with more than just garden plants. We’ve seen everything from garden dining sets to wicker armchairs inside.

Trinity & Alaska by Skyline Design
Trinity & Alaska by Skyline Design

Out with the In

With the weather heating up in the region and very limited opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, given the unfortunate situation, more and more people are spending time on their terrace. Outdoor areas are becoming more personalized. While we used to look to outdoor spaces as excess space for unwanted items, we now look to terraces and backyards for solace, some sunshine, and perhaps an additional room of the house. But soaking up the sun and getting a breath of fresh air doesn’t compromise on comfort. The latest trends in outdoor furniture offer the luxury of enjoying the comfort of your own home, right outside.

Enter MESSARA Furniture. As specialists in outdoor furniture, we’re helping pave the way for outdoor furniture pieces that put our customers comfort above all else. From Skyline’s Windsor modular sets that look very similar to the comfortable couches you’d use to furnish your living room, to the Club collection by Maiori, we have stylish collections to take your comfort and ease of mind wherever you may be.

In with the Out

Another major trend that has revealed itself over the past several months is the use of outdoor furniture inside one’s home. Imagine aluminum-framed armchairs and sofas from Maiori’s Tresse collection used in place of leather armchairs or bulky heavy weight couches and you have yourself the best of both worlds. Transcending aesthetics, outdoor furniture is building on comfort using top of the line fabrics and impeccable manufacturing.

Aside from comfort, reasons you’d want to use your outdoor furniture indoors include its durability. Outdoor furniture is manufactured to resist harsh weather conditions and expected wear and tear. So if you have children, pets, or generally take pride in keeping your furniture in top-notch condition, consider styling your home with something like the Club by Maiori, that’s 100% waterproof and made completely of foam. The best part is they’ll still look stunning if you decide to move them to the terrace in the future.


Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to make use of outdoor furniture inside your home. With outdoor furniture pieces that can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, made to last even longer indoors, and the opportunity to add elements of your backyard to your interior, who could go wrong with jumping on the bandwagon? Likewise, giving your outdoor space a homier vibe with furniture commonly used indoors, gives you an extension to your home you never knew you had.

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