Les Manufactures Février

Les Manufactures Février - Messara Furniture is the UAE's Premium Indoor / Outdoor Furniture Specialist, providing quality products and service for luxury villas, hotels and restaurants.

Every day, Les Manufactures Février company confronts the challenge of manufacturing in France 100% of its indoor and outdoor furniture. Wood is one of the few materials likely to be produced and processed in France because 31% of the territory is covered with forests.

Choosing wood as the main raw material allows a twofold environmental and social benefit. It is a local, renewable and low-impact resource compared to other imported materials, which can be an opportunity to retain and even create jobs in rural areas.

Peeling of wood logs taken from sustainably managed forests, pressing and machining and perfect surface finishing, each work task is the culmination of French industrial and artisanal know-how.

Through a catalogue presenting various live molds of shells, seats and legs, the French industrial group intends to respond to all types of seats projects with a 100% custom wood furniture, from design to production, in strict compliance with design brief.