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Design your Perfect Escape – Our 6-step guide to making the right choices with outdoor furniture

On March 4, 2020, Galerie Lafayette Dubaï Mall hosted a very inspiring outdoor furniture workshop organized by Messara Furniture, in partnership with SIMEXA, entitled “Design your Perfect Escape”. During the workshop, Chantal Andriot, the owner of the French Brand Tolix, discussed the art of turning a simple outdoor/indoor space into your perfect escape and the importance of material and colors.

Our specialists also gave very detailed information about our outdoor furniture brands and products and how quality materials really make a difference when designing a perfect outdoor escape. This workshop is an all you need to know guide for designing your perfect escape, without being overwhelmed with the big variety of products found in the market. The following tips tackle the step-by-step process to achieve the perfect escape and that is by using the Elimination Process.

Decide commitment with outdoor furniture

When handed such a project, the first step should be assigning the budget and understanding the type of commitment one is willing to make. If you are interested in a long term commitment for your purchase, this workshop is exactly what you need.


Once a budget is assigned, your next step is research, research, research! Ask yourself the following questions:

Who is your supplier: identify the source you are willing to make your purchases from and make sure you read the reviews to have an idea of the supplier’s integrity, customer service and logistics. As these will make or break the project.

Understand your environment

Be aware of your environment in order to choose the material that works best for your space, ensuring longevity. For example: using only aluminium products in high temperatures, without shade provided, could cause an unpleasant experience.

Choose design and style

Choose your design, style and understand your outdoor furniture material and its benefits.

When choosing SKYLINE DESIGN, Messara Furniture’s partner brand, you will notice the set of materials used are:

1 – Powder coated Aluminium : come rain or shine, using this material makes sure you will not face issues with rust as they are non existent.

2 – Synthetic rattan ( flat / polyrod / polypeel fibers): It is an imitation to natural rattan that used to be extracted from the jungle in 3 and 18 mm thickness. However, as the SKYLINE DESIGN factory developed through the years and took on a longer lasting approach to their production system as well as a more environmentally friendly one, they decided to replace natural rattan with a synthetic version that is extremely similar in appearance and quality.

3 – Rope: As a new trend adopted in 2019 by SKYLINE DESIGN, the rope is made with polyethylene, which is also eco friendly. HDPE (high density polyethylene) creates no harmful emissions during its production or during its use by the consumer. Also, HDPE leaks no toxic chemicals into the soil or water.

4 – Weaving: Brands we use are VIRO® and REHAU®: A superior quality, polyethylene-based fibers characterised by high flexibility and strength. Also Environmentally friendly and non-toxic, recyclable, it does not contain PVC, and is made from 100% high-density Polyethylene.

5 – Foam: High density foam has a strong cell structure, which makes the material highly durable and long-lasting. HD foam also tends to offer more consistent comfort and better support.

6 – Quick dry foam: Quick Dry Foam is the core foam used inside all our outdoor cushions. The foam is specifically engineered as an outdoor foam. This is due to the foam manufactured having large open pores which have revolutionized the use of outdoor cushions. By allowing maximum drainage of water from the cushion, this maximises air circulation to assist in the quick drying process.

6 – Teak: Our Grade A and B 100% Indonesian teak is, of course, legally acquired from sustainable production units.

7 – Fabrics: The Sunbrella and Sunproof fabrics used in SKYLINE DESIGN outdoor furniture are sunproof, with long lasting colours and a good resistance to stress. Both fabrics are not dyed, which makes it harder to fade. However, if you’re looking for a more affordable option, Sunproof, locally made in Indonesia, is more budget friendly than Sunbrella.

MAIORI - Premium Indoor / Outdoor Furniture by Messara Furniture UAE

Lighting is essential

Once you have chosen your design style and material and completed the 4 steps, you are now ready to move forward to the lighting part of the project. This is where you are creating your ambiance, which will determine your guests’ experience. As mentioned in the first section of the workshop, research is your best ally.

Messara Outdoor furniture’s trusted brand is Maiori, an impeccable collection of French designs. When using Maiori lighting, you are getting state-of-the-art solar lamps that allow you to control your setup through an application on your phone or tablet.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Solar ecological products, 100% recyclable
  • Weather resistant: indoor/outdoor for summer / winter use
  • Aluminium frame with Epoxy paint finish
  • Shade made with Batyline by Serge Ferrari
  • Hooks and straps allow you to suspend the lamps
  • Detachable Solar module for easy and independent recharge
  • 3 levels of light intensities
  • Best battery life if used in lower intensity
  • Auto mode for automatic switching of lamps
  • 2-year warranty 

Modules and LED bulbs offer up to 300 lumens of light output for a maximum light time of 7 hours depending on the selected light intensity. Also, the lights create a soft and natural ambiance and provide uniform light. They’re easy to use and flexible, their wireless connections allowing you to bring light wherever you are.

Create shade

Last but not least, now that you have almost finalized designing your spaces, you will need to add the umbrella to provide you with the shade on those hot summer days. Jardinico, Messara outdoor furniture’s preferred brand for umbrellas, offers a wide selection of sizes / shapes and bases, as well as hinging systems. It all depends on the weather, wind, space and size. But we will leave this topic for our next workshop and blog.


This workshop was a great occasion to share our favorite approach for designing your perfect escape using outdoor furniture equipment. Follow these steps and if you need any help, contact us: After all, we’re the specialists!

  • Decide commitment in terms of space, time and budget
  • Do your research (or ask us!)
  • Understand your environment
  • Choose your design and style, including materials and colors
  • Lighting is essential
  • Create shade
  • Enjoy your outdoor furniture!

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