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Bringing Life to your Garden with Outdoor Solar Lights

Summer is here and it usually rhymes with long evenings in the backyard! 

With the development of waterproof outdoor furniture and new materials, the backyard is becoming a new room in your house that most people forget about.

However you still need to make the outdoor space usable at night. One way to bring life to your garden is to illuminate the outside of your home in an effective and beautiful way.

Good lighting can change your whole garden at night. Enhance the ambience by bringing a soft set during the evening hours; you can explore your property again, illuminate a path through the garden or highlight some beautiful features of your backyard. It can also be used for security reasons to improve safety.

You can enjoy all of the benefits and add aesthetic value to your landscape if you choose the right design and installation.

The most important thing is the angle of the light so it shines in the proper direction and not your eyes.


One of the technology used and that is becoming familiar is the LED.

LED continues to be the attraction of this summer. With a penetration rate of 30% of the market, it is expected to reach 60% in the next 4 years.
Another technology added to the LED that is being developed is the Solar light functionality. It is a good way to light your space with minimal investment and maintenance and it is an eco-friendly technology.

At Simexa, the outdoor furniture supplier, we have chosen to provide our clients solar lighting due to its simple way to bring you light everywhere you are. It has no cords but must be charged during the day to allow it to shine at night.

It is also an adding value for the hotels, restaurants or resorts that are always looking for the latest trends to satisfy their clients.
We are offering to our customers, the MAIORI full collection outdoor solar lights:

  • La Lampe Paris: Inspired by the historical streets of Paris, La Lampe collection brings light to any required area. La Lampe shines where most lamps can’t.
Lampe Paris Charbon Navy
La Lampe Paris
  • La Lampe Petite, industrious and energetic, La Lampe Petite dresses up the spaces where it is set or suspended with a mellow, warm natural light.
Lampe Petite Charbon red
La Lampe Petite
  • La Lampe Parc is designed to be the brightest by providing rich and warm light magnified by the reflective base. Install La Lampe Parc at a high level to light up your path, on top of a table to provide cozy atmosphere, or use the U-hook to mount it on the wall.
Lampe Parc 40cm Noir 2
La Lampe Parc

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